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10 Things to Do in London

If you’re planning a trip to London in the future, then you’re probably looking for a few things to do while you’re there. Here’s a short list of the top 10 things to do while you’re in London.

1. Party In An Old Cathedral

Possibly one of the most unique and entertaining experiences you can have in London is within an old gothic Cathedral. This isn’t your usual architectural sight seeing, but rather a chance to party and consume alcohol in a way that you couldn’t anywhere else in the world: amidst an alcoholic fog. Not a metaphorical fog, but a real fog, or more like an alcoholic steam. One ticket gets you one hour in the fog and that’s more than enough to get a buzz without ever taking a drink.

2. Bring Your Dog To Pup Aid

If you’re visiting London, then why not bring your dog and enjoy a day of Pup Aid. The event is organised by Marc Abraham and it only last for a single year. The idea is to raise awareness about puppy farming, which often leads animals to live in poor conditions and receive little care. Overall, it’s a very positive and social event for dog lovers and owners everywhere.

3. Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is one of the few things on the list that has been around for more than a decade. The carnival started back in the 60’s and has only grown in popularity ever since. They feature an amazing parade, great food from around the world, and music that only gets better as the day grows older.

4. Visit Buckingham Palace

This should be on everyone’s to do list. Unfortunately, the palace isn’t always open to the public. However, the doors are opening once again as the Royal family held out for the holidays. This is the perfect time to schedule a trip and view the inside of this amazing venue for yourself.

5. Get Your Grill On

Most people have heard of Woodstock, but have you ever heard of Grillstock? This is a weekend long event that features loads of food, treats, and musical guests. There are also BBQ competitions and hot dog eating contests. Everything you could possibly want in a day’s adventure.

6. Make Believe Beach Vacation

You don’t always have to travel to the ocean to enjoy a vacation on the beach. Camden Beach offers a rare chance to enjoy the summer beach with 150 tons and 900 square meters of sand. Instead of the ocean, you can enjoy Roundhouse, a bar, and a few packed beach huts.

7. Get Fit During Ride London

If you’re a bicycle enthusiast, then now is the perfect time to visit London. Soon there will be a weekend-long adventure known as Ride London. It’s meant more for fun, leisure, and the scenery, but there is a definitely a sports-like atmosphere in the air for some. The day ends with an actual competitive Grand Prix racing event you don’t want to miss.

8. Heal Yourself At Heartbreak Hotel

Adding to the list of strange pleasures is the Heartbreak Hotel. This is the second year in a row they’ve returned for a show and they’ve got a lot to prove. This isn’t an actual hotel where you can book a room, but more of an interactive theatrical experience. It’s a performance and you’ll have to buy tickets, but once you walk in the door you’ll forget that it’s a show.

9. Experience Experimental Theatre

If breathing a mist of booze isn’t enough for you, then perhaps you’ll want to take part in Monument, a once in a lifetime theatre experience. The idea cam from David Rosenberg and it’s unlike any theatre experience everywhere. The stage is the London streets and you are part of the show. It requires a smartphone with access to the Wiretapper app, which will provide you with audible cues throughout.

10. Silent Disco

This might sound like a bizarre idea, but it’s a lot of fun if you love music and odd attractions. It’s called a silent disco because there’s no music playing on loud speakers. However, you do have a set of high-quality headphones and control over what you listen to. It’s a chance for everyone to party to their own favourite tunes while they’re in the same room.

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