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Couples Can Now Find the Perfect Movie to Watch Together!

By admin / August 8, 2016
itcher_logo_for_itcher_review_articleFinding movies together: real quick!


You’ve probably noticed a new phenomenon happening at the moment on the Internet: movie recommendation sites that try to give you the perfect next movie to watch. It is easy to imagine that many people have stopped using Google as a tool to search for their next movie to watch and instead rely on these recommendations sites to get their titles. But getting the right recommendation is not an easy task. And nobody wants to spend hours reading forums and blogs.

Here is where itcher comes to the test: a new kid on the block, itcher claims it can find you the next perfect movie to watch in less than 50 seconds.

It’s Fun When You Both Love The Same Movie

Notice the word perfect as this would make all the difference. Personalised recommendations that are spot on are not easy to find unless one is ready to spend long periods of time on forums and blogs trying to discern through a myriad of personalities, tastes and trivial comments which titles will hit home. Without a site like itcher you could easily pick the wrong title… and you or your partner will find it difficult to sit all the way through the film. Painful!

You can do your research and find out that not that many platforms are totally dedicated to finding you the perfect next title; the one that you are guaranteed to love. itcher claims it can – just check what you both get recommended and see what matches: those are the gems you need to watch together!

itcher is the perfect site because it not only provides you with movie recommendations, but it also helps you with 3 other very important entertainment categories: books, music and games. Couples will simply love it!

Couples Choose Together

After a simple sign-up you can start rating some of the movies you’ve already enjoyed or didn’t like as much. The idea is that itcher ‘learns’ as you rate. This process should be smooth and enjoyable, the images do load fast and they look really nice. Once you rate your 5th title you will get a popup telling you to check out your first recommendations; pretty exciting!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the titles you’ll find: some of the movies you probably have already seen and enjoyed, which proves that the formula does work; some of the other titles you probably have ‘eyed-up’ in the past, which also proves that itcher does know what you like. Very impressive.

If you want to make sure it’s not just a fluke, do check out the other categories. The same principle applies: you’ll first have to rate 5 items to get your first personalised recommendations.

It would be difficult to find so many titles you are bound to enjoy anywhere else on the Internet in such little time. itcher is easy to get used to; as you rate your recommendations get more and more spot on and you’ll realise you don’t have to waste time searching online ever again! And, what’s more, hopefully the days of watching bad movies are finally over. This great site seems to know what people like.

Easy to Try

Now that you’re set on trying to get your own recommendations on itcher, you’re probably wondering exactly how this site works. Don’t worry, it is extremely simple:


Sign up to itcher (it’s free).


Choose a category, rate at least 5 items in that category.


Get your free recommendations.
(Rate items you already know to improve your recommendations further).

No More Fights

itcher should give each user a positive experience not only because it saves people tons of time searching for the next movie to watch, book to read, etc, but also because you end up watching something you and your partner will totally love.

Everyone should use itcher. This great site is just so simple to use!

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