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London Museums to Visit

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London boasts of a number of museums with fascinating artifact and art. It is one of the world cities that are a real treat to people who love art. Once you set your foot in London, you have hundreds of museums including British Museum, Natural History Museum, the Science Museum just to mention a few. Almost all the museums have incredible collections you will not want to miss. Luckily, many of the museums are free and will not cost you anything other than your time. This article looks at top museums in London.

The British Museum

This is an old museum that exhibits the works of man from modern times to prehistoric times. The collections are from around the world. Among the things you expect to see in this museum include Rosetta stone, Mummies in the ancients Egypt, and Parthenon sculptures. To access some of the exhibitions you need tickets.

The Design Museum

This is the world’s leading museum that is devoted to contemporary design. In the museum, you will find all forms of designs that are important in the modern world.

The Imperial War Museum

This is where you will learn about people who fought and died in the First World War. Also, you will have the opportunity to examine the role of the United Nations and have a life time chance to visit the Holocaust exhibition. The museum is free and no entry fee is required.

The London Transport Museum

It hosts a number of exhibitions connected to transport social and London’s cultural history. This is where you will get the fist underground steam train and the Red Routemaster bus. In the same museum, you will have a chance to sample exemplary artwork and posters.

The Museum of London

This is the world’s number one urban museum that is houses the historic objects which tells the present and the past history. It gives the history of London under the Roman rule as well as details of the medieval London. In addition, you will also have a chance to see the new Galleries of the modern London. In some exhibitions you will be expected to have tickets.

Natural History Museum

It boasts of a collection of animals ranging from the tallest, the biggest and the rarest animals. Here, you will have a chance to see the world blue whale and a spider that is 4o million years old. Besides, this is the museum that gives you a chance to see the beautiful Central Hall.

The National Museum

This is the world largest Maritime museum. In this museum, you will get a chance to see and sample the Queen’s House collections, Prime meridian and the famous Cutty Sark. Some are free while in others you will be charged an entrance fee.

Information from the medieval history, to the future of the space and the modern science is well documented and available in the museums. Take this opportunity to visit and sample the best of London and other collections from across the world.

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