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Must-See London Exhibitions

London has paraded a number of exhibitions that are not just entertaining but will keep you informed during the summer season. If you love art, music and entertainment, there are enough of these in the capital.

If you are looking forward to exciting shows, this is the time to have a glance at the London’s theatre calendar. It is flooded with exciting shows that are parading big names. The calendar is packed with activities that will keep you happy throughout this coming summer. Among the entertainment that is aligned for you is Turner’s Hamlet which is expected to run for 12 weeks any day between august and October 2015.

For those who love art work, the art scene is changing fast, thus there is need to keep track of the yesteryear art and at the same time try to catch up with the latest art in the forth coming London exhibitions. Among the top ten art exhibitions include:
Sonia Delaunay – A Russian artist who found her avant garde voice in Paris and who has lined up a number of abstracts art In London. This art is meant to attract the eye and keep you happy.

Larry Johnson who is based in LA has also paraded a number of exhibitions that are certainly going to attract attention. He deeply layered work that is always impeccable in color but exciting and will be available for viewers up to 9th August, 2015.


Gallery goers have Duane Hanson show to enjoy. The show features many people including workmen who are find a break from grafting quite rewarding even though it does not last for long. The show is all about an American sculptor who attempts to capture the activities of the Middle Americans is sculpture form.

Eadwerard Muybridge’s work ‘Chicken scared by Torpedo’ is also lined up for exhibition. The 1870s photos are available at the exhibition and are expected to attract a number of London visitors this summer. You will get an opportunity of viewing photos that are as old as 170 years.

If you love plays and shows, Cumber batch has also lined up a number of shows to keep guests and visitors to London happy. She will be joined by Ciaran Hinds who will act as Claudius Anastasia Hille who will act as Gertrude and Sian Brook who is expected to act as Ophelia. The tickets for the show have already sold out even though there is a strong rumor that 100 £10 seats have been reserved for the late comers.

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