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Tastekid vs itcher Comparison: Entertainment Recommendations

Personal recommendation sites can look very similar on the surface, but it does not take much investigation for the differences to begin to show. This article will investigate two popular sites; itcher and TasteKid, to analyse the similarities and difference between each, and to decide which is superior, in terms of services offered, added value and user interface.

What Should We Expect from a Personal Recommendation Site?

The first factor of a great personal recommendation website or app is the ability to sign up to the site with relative ease. In the world of the internet, where everything is connected, the best way to create a personal profile on these sites is probably through a connection with Facebook, where there is usually an in-built database of your tastes, from groups you have joined to pages you have liked, with the added option to remove anything that is no longer relevant, and to add new things that are relevant.

Tastekid vs itcher: Let’s Put them to the Test!

tastekid_screenshot itcher_screenshot

With this in mind, the first test for these two sites is the signing –up and logging-in process. A positive start, both sites offer the option to sign up through Facebook. With TasteKid launching straight into listing the bands, movies and books that I have ‘liked’ on Facebook, whereas, itcher asks me to select five things that I like per category.

Whilst it is nice that my previous likes and tastes have been considered by TasteKid, my Facebook profile has been active for around six years, meaning that some of the books, movies and music that I have ‘liked’ on there are from a very long time ago and may not be relevant to the things that I like now.

5645634345Tastekid Login
34554545645itcher Login


Loving itcher’s 5 Point Rating System

Moving on to the rating of items, to build up my profile, there is an immediate difference between the two sites. Tastekid gives four options per item; like, dislike, save and meh. Options that may seem to cover everything, if you are less than 30 years old and remember the word ‘meh’ actually being a thing.

On the other hand, itcher offers a five point rating system, from ‘Hate’ to ‘Love’, which is much more preferable, giving the freedom to not only say whether you like or dislike the item, but how much you like it or dislike it.

Once you have chosen whether you like or dislike an item, itcher lets you write a review for the item, offering much more detailed insight into the particulars of the item, and making it easier for other users of the site to find out information about them item.

After hitting ‘Like’ on an item on TasteKid…nothing happens, there is no review box, no extra options at all, apart from the “Music/movies/books like this” link, which TasteKid to not earn points for, as finding recommendations based on things that you already like is the whole point of these websites.



Investigating the Search Function

To begin with the exploration of the site, it is time to investigate the search function and how easy it is to find particular items.

Searching for ‘Juno’ on each site, brings up very different results, with TasteKid providing a bland, very square, mono-coloured page, with a description and blurb of the film, alongside a trailer from Youtube for the film. Meanwhile, itcher offers a vibrant, image-heavy background, with the description and blurb laid out below, in a much more visually appealing manner.



Onto the Recommendations…

As we know, this is the sole reason for using either of the websites, and probably the most important factor when comparing the two. In order to keep the test fair, I found the same artist on both sites.

TasteKid promised…
TasteKid promised me ‘more music like this’ and delivered just that, it showed me music from the artist’s genre, ex-band members and even his wife’s band.

…itcher exceeded expectations.
However, flicking back over to the same artist on itcher, I was greeted with a full bio of the singer, bands related to his sound, genre and previous band members as well as a list of books, movies and other music that was either related to, contributed to, or reviewed by the artists I had originally searched for.



But How Good Are The Recommendations in Practice?

In a search for movies like ‘The Avengers (2012)’ we are presented with two very different results again. With TasteKid fulfilling the basic requirements and giving a list of other Marvel feature films, in what can only be described as the simplest style available for websites.

The same search on itcher provides the viewer with a striking image from the film, a description of the plot, recommendations for similar films, as standard. But then the site goes above and beyond, offering music from the bands that created the soundtrack, games based on the Marvel franchise and even the latest releases of comic books related to the franchise.


With itcher You Can Follow Other Users

Checking out the social aspects of both of these sites, TasteKid makes it very difficult to find and follow other users, especially people who you are already friends with on other social media sites. TasteKid’s website is quite hard to navigate, finding a person that you are already connected with on other social media platforms is nearly impossible, especially if you are an infrequent user of social networking websites that are less mainstream
Whereas, itcher’s site leads you straight into connecting with people on your social media profiles and sharing your discoveries with your network

Final Comparisons

The final, and possibly lease important comparison in terms of the quality of a recommendations site is to take a look at the overall appearance and user interface of the sites.

TasteKid’s layouts are very square, there are a lot of boxes on the screen and it gives the impression that everything is very formal and business-like, which is not the best when these sites are supposed to be for recommending entertainment and promoting fun.

The layout of itcher’s site is much more spacious, with the use of graphics and well-designed, colourful buttons to uplift the viewer’s mood and make them feel entertained, or passionate about finding new ways to be entertained. Everything from the menus to the rating system are designed for ease of use by even a novice internet user.

And the Winner is… itcher!

TasteKid have scored a few points within this comparison, but, on a basis of the wealth and integrity of the recommendations given, and the categories of recommendations given, itcher is a clear winner and is officially the best entertainment recommendation site on the internet!



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