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Unmissable British Films

Which are the best British films you have come across? This is a question that can be very difficult to answer for a movie lover. This is solely because there are hundreds of British films that are remarkably good. However, after the combined effort between a panel of more than one hundred and fifty film industry experts, actors, magazine and newspaper critics and heads of United Kingdom’s major organizations, a list of the best British films was compiled. Read through this article for the top ten British films

1. Don’t Look Now theatre

This is an independent British-Italian film that was directed by Nicolas Roeg and released in 1973. It is a thriller movie taken up from the short story by Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie and Daphne du Maurier. The films gives the story of a married couple in grief for the recent death of their daughter. They move to Venice where they come across two elderly sisters. One of them is usually a psychic who delivers a warning from beyond.

2. The Third Man

This is a 1949 British movie that was directed by Carol Reed.This film is considered to be among the greatest films of all time and is celebrated for its musical score, atmospheric cinematography and acting. The film is about Holly Martins, a pulp novelist who travels to shadowy, Vienna only to discover he is looking into the death of Harry Lime, an old-friend and black-market opportunist.

3. Distant Voices, Still Lives

This is a British movie which was directed by Terence Davies. This movie is the second in Terence Davies’s autobiographical series. The film evokes a working-class family’s life living in Liverpool in the 1940s and the early 1950s paying specific attention to the importance of popular music. This film is made of two different films shot two years apart with the crew and cast being the same. It has a runtime of eighty five minutes.

4. Kes

Kes is a drama film that was directed by Ken Loach and produced by the famous Tony Garnett. It is based on “A Kestrel for a Knave” which is a 1968 novel. The film focuses on a young working-class boy who spends training and caring for his pet. It has a runtime of 112 minutes.

5. The Red Shoes

This is a 1948 feature film talking about a young ballet dancer who is torn between the man she greatly loves and her pursuit to being a prima ballerina. The film utilizes the device of story within a story.

6. A Matter of Life and Death

This is a 1946 romantic-fantasy film created by Emeric Pressburger and Michael Powell and set in England at the time of the Second World War. It was first released as “Stairway to Heaven”. It focuses on a British war aviator who must argue for his life in court after cheating death.

7. Performance

This is a British crime-drama film released in 1970. The film is about Chan, a psychotic and violent gangster who needs to go undercover after a hit that should have never been executed. He finds cover in a guest house run by a one-time superstar seeking to rekindle his faded talent.

8. Trainspotting

This is a dark comedy-drama film based on the novel by Irvine Weish. The film talks of a guy deeply into the Edinburgh drug arena trying to get clean despite his friends influence and the allure of drugs.

9. Naked

This is a black comedy-drama movie released in 1993. The film showcases parallel tales of some two sexually obsessed men. One is physically and mentally hurting women while the other is going around the city speaking to strangers and experiencing different walks of life.

10. Nil by Mouth

This is a British-French drama film showcasing a family of characters residing in South East London. The film was released in 1997 and was a critical success.

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